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Here are some of the projects I have worked on.

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A simple web app that makes quick snack decisions based on calculated glycemic index and glucose content fetched from Edman Nutrition API.

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A web application developed with NextJS for a local t-shirt printing and embroidery business, utilizing Yelp and Etsy APIs to amplify SEO, elevate online and in-store visibility, boost sales, and increase revenue.

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This project was written in TypeScript and built with NextJS, focusing on delivering an exceptional user experience with the latest web technologies, including NextJS for server-side rendering, image optimization, Tailwind CSS, and DaisyUI for responsive and visually appealing design. The project prioritizes user-friendliness, security, and SEO optimization.


Tech Stack

Some of the technologies I use:

JavaScriptJavaPythonNode.jsPostGresSQLMongoDBMySQLTailwind CSSAWSPostmanSpringNext.jsReact.jsTech IconTech IconAWS Cloud Practitioner

About Me

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Who am I?

Transitioning from dental school to a coding bootcamp wasn't a typical career path for me. My fascination with the meticulous nature of dentistry sparked my interest in technology's potential to simplify and humanize tasks. This realization led me to swap dental tools for coding at Coding Dojo, where I mastered technologies like MERN, Java, and Python. Interestingly, my Psychology degree from UC Davis proved invaluable, enabling me to create websites that resonate on a human level.

Embracing coding challenges and valuing feedback, I've honed my skills to blend technical proficiency with a deep understanding of user needs. I'm eager to contribute this unique combination to your team, aiming to make the web more accessible, intuitive, and innovative.

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